Beginning the Journey

Late fall 2008, the weather is beginning to cool off and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn beautiful shades of color.

Living in the country about ten miles just south of town on a large, wide open, fenced acre lot was where our journey began. The view out back was breathtaking!

The setting was perfect and I was ready to share this small piece of heaven with a furry companion. Little did I know that my life was about to be changed in an amazing way.

While at work one day, I mentioned to my co-workers that I was thinking of getting a dog and my boss suggested adopting from a local shelter. I thought, hmm…that’s a great idea! So the search began. The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing! I had no idea where to start looking for my fur baby. After researching a few different places in our area I decided to look at One click, “his” picture appeared and my heart was taken.

This was his story….

Mac (Male)


Mac was brought in about a year and a half ago by a young woman who tearfully told us she was moving to an apartment that would not allow pets. We never saw her again. Mac has always been a sweet, talkative, people-oriented dog and has had a kennelmate, Blackie.

Sadly, another dog in our kennel had it in for Mac and would try to fight with him every time she passed his kennel. One day, before anyone knew what was happening, she grabbed his leg through the chain link and mauled it. The leg was shredded and had to be amputated. Mac is back now and is now our greeter in the front fence. Although losing a front leg is harder than losing a back leg, he seems to be doing well and still talks and just generally acts like a happy dog. Mac needs a permanent place now in your heart and home.

Check back for what happens next….


2 thoughts on “Beginning the Journey

  1. I like your story. He is a special friend. You two have been there for each other. You take care of him and he repays you with unconditional love. He has helped you just as much as you have helped him. You two where meant for each other.

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