Going Home

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I was excited to see if Mac and I were a good match. So, off to the shelter I go to meet this sweet shepard mix.


I arrive, get out of my two door Honda Accord, approach the front entrance and there he was! Our eyes met and we both knew we were meant for each other.


Ms. Linda, President and Founder of Pet Savers was very busy that day so I just made myself at home talking and playing with Mac waiting with anticipation to talk with this dear lady about adopting my new found love.


I had already completed the adoption paperwork and had been approved but still had to go through the interview process. Needless to say, I took my sweet baby home that day!!

One would have thought, after having his front left leg amputated just a few weeks before, he would have difficulty getting into the car. Not at all, he jumped in there as if he had all four legs! We rolled the windows down, opened the sun roof and thoroughly enjoyed our ride home.

Next, “The Transistion”. Stay tuned!


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