The Transistion

We arrive home, I open the car door, Mac gets out and begins to explore his new surroundings. After sniffing everything in sight and marking his new territory, it is time to go inside and check things out. It didn’t take long for this 60 pound fur baby to decide he was going to sleep on the bed. You guessed it! He jumped right up there and made himself at home.

Thankfully, we had the weekend to settle in and adjust to each other and his new home. Then, it was time for me to go back to work and that meant leaving Mack at home alone. I confess, I worried about him all day. Every question that could go through my mind did. Is he doing ok? Is he getting into anything he shouldn’t? If he get’s up on the bed, can he get down without getting hurt?

As the work day comes to a close, I am anxious to get home and check on my sweet fur baby. I walk in the door and he is sitting on the bed, I look up at the window and the blinds have been chewed on. He tilted his head and looked at me with this confused look, almost as if to say, “you bring me to this strange place, leave me at home alone, and expect me to not try to find my way back to Ms. Linda?” I couldn’t help but understand what he was trying to say.


Maybe just a touch of separation anxiety….

As the days and weeks went by, he was a happy dog, but he still moped around. That was when I realized he was missing something….his kennel-mate, Blackie.

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Going Home

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I was excited to see if Mac and I were a good match. So, off to the shelter I go to meet this sweet shepard mix.


I arrive, get out of my two door Honda Accord, approach the front entrance and there he was! Our eyes met and we both knew we were meant for each other.


Ms. Linda, President and Founder of Pet Savers was very busy that day so I just made myself at home talking and playing with Mac waiting with anticipation to talk with this dear lady about adopting my new found love.


I had already completed the adoption paperwork and had been approved but still had to go through the interview process. Needless to say, I took my sweet baby home that day!!

One would have thought, after having his front left leg amputated just a few weeks before, he would have difficulty getting into the car. Not at all, he jumped in there as if he had all four legs! We rolled the windows down, opened the sun roof and thoroughly enjoyed our ride home.

Next, “The Transistion”. Stay tuned!

Beginning the Journey

Late fall 2008, the weather is beginning to cool off and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn beautiful shades of color.

Living in the country about ten miles just south of town on a large, wide open, fenced acre lot was where our journey began. The view out back was breathtaking!

The setting was perfect and I was ready to share this small piece of heaven with a furry companion. Little did I know that my life was about to be changed in an amazing way.

While at work one day, I mentioned to my co-workers that I was thinking of getting a dog and my boss suggested adopting from a local shelter. I thought, hmm…that’s a great idea! So the search began. The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing! I had no idea where to start looking for my fur baby. After researching a few different places in our area I decided to look at One click, “his” picture appeared and my heart was taken.

This was his story….

Mac (Male)


Mac was brought in about a year and a half ago by a young woman who tearfully told us she was moving to an apartment that would not allow pets. We never saw her again. Mac has always been a sweet, talkative, people-oriented dog and has had a kennelmate, Blackie.

Sadly, another dog in our kennel had it in for Mac and would try to fight with him every time she passed his kennel. One day, before anyone knew what was happening, she grabbed his leg through the chain link and mauled it. The leg was shredded and had to be amputated. Mac is back now and is now our greeter in the front fence. Although losing a front leg is harder than losing a back leg, he seems to be doing well and still talks and just generally acts like a happy dog. Mac needs a permanent place now in your heart and home.

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